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“Who Else Wants High-Quality, Unique,
Human-Reviewed, Niche-Focused Content
Regularly Posted To Their Blog On Auto-Pilot?”
(Shhh … It’s All Completely 100% FREE !)

Sound like a no-brainer? Correct! Any serious blog owner would have to be completely insane not to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get top quality content, relevant to their niche, auto-fed onto their blog(s) for free. How? Find out more below …

From: Steve Shaw,

Dear Blog Owner,

Ever wish your blog – or in fact, any number of blogs – could run 100% on auto-pilot, building up unique, niche-relevant, human-reviewed, high quality content automatically, with nothing required from you other than to monitor it from time to time?

Imagine having your own network of blogs, all growing on auto-pilot and growing in value over time, that could have any number of positive benefits for you:

  • Earning you cash from affiliate sales, via products you promote on the blog …
  • Earning you cash from advertising income, for example, via Google Adsense …
  • Providing valuable link juice to a website or websites of your choosing …
  • Building up email lists in different or inter-related niche areas … as any marketer will tell you, ‘the money’s in the list’

Or you can simply supplement the content on your existing blog(s) with more niche-relevant posts that take zero effort from you … not to mention zero cost.

In fact, the number of uses you could put this system to are potentially limitless

As I’m sure you’re no doubt aware, the main problem with running a blog is the amount of work it can take to continually feed it with relevant content to keep it relevant, ensure it builds value over time in the search engines, and to keep attracting visitors.

This will always have a cost – time or money.

There are of course some so-called ‘solutions’ out there, such as systems that fill your blogs with auto-generated ‘content’ that reads like low-quality garbage, full of snippets of nonsensical text collected illegimately (and probably illegally too) by online robots – I’ve seen these types of system, and they stink.

(Sure, they might work short-term, until Google puts through another algorithm update to purge such low value spammy sites out of their index!)

The problem with this type of solution is that you’re building sites for the search engines, not for real visitors, and sooner or later the search engines WILL catch up with you … leaving you back at square one again, your sites blacklisted, and no real business to speak of.

So what if there was a system that:

  • Provided valuable content for real visitors
  • Ensured your blog built real, sustainable value for search engines like Google
  • Operated automatically, requiring little or none of your own time
  • And amazingly, what if it was completely FREE for you to use too?

That’s exactly what this system is designed to do, providing you with a constant automated stream of …

High-Quality, Unique Content, Written and Reviewed by Humans – NOT Auto-Bots – and 100% Relevant to your Niche

What this system does is provide real articles written by real people, reviewed by a real, live editorial team, and sent to your blog automatically, requiring little or none of your own time.

It means you can effectively set up a large network of blogs, all in different or related niches (entirely up to you of course), all high quality, and all killing it in Google thanks to the high value you provide to your visitors … and for the first time requiring virtually none of your own time to be invested.

Monetize that blog network through email lists, advertising, and selling niche-related products, and do you start to see the value here?

Oh, and as I’ve stated repeatedly, it’s completely FREE to start receiving this content? There’s nothing to pay, nothing to sign, or anything like that.

All you need to do is register your blog, enter your settings to determine the content you are wanting to receive (eg. keywords you require, keywords you want to exclude, and so on), and that’s about it.

Then you just sit back and wait while we start sending you content related to your niche on auto-pilot.

You can set the content to be published automatically to your blog … or you can leave it as a draft when we post to your blog, so that you log in later to approve, or possibly delete, as you like.

If you like, we can also notify you by email every time we post so that you know when there’s new content to review or double-check … or just so you know there’s been some activity on your blog. But completely optional.

Start getting content you don’t want? That’s fine – you can just fine tune your settings again to filter out similar content in future. You remain in complete control.

And all at absolutely zero cost to you as the blog owner.

So What’s The Catch?

Truth is, for you as the blog owner, there really isn’t one.

But you’re no doubt wondering how, or why, all this high quality content can be provided to you completely free of charge.

Here’s how it works …

We have a network of website owners (some of them blog owners, just like you, others with non-blog websites) who are looking to build traffic and publicity for their websites, and they do that by distributing content through our content distribution service.

So, they write content related to their niche, and we distribute that content for them online, through our network of publishers, including blogs.

The content can be used for free, but the publisher must provide them with a link back to their site … in effect, this is their payment for free use of the content.

So the content supplied to your blog will contain one or two links back to the content writer’s website(s).

For you as a blog owner, these links work in your favor … i.e. the content is more valuable to you with these links than without them.


See it from the search engine’s point of view. Search engines like Google actually give higher value to sites which link to other related sites in their niche, simply because such links give more value to the visitor.

Think about it … if you had two identical web pages, but one contained a link to another related website containing further useful information, which web page do you think would have the most value?

Correct. The one with the link.

And you’ll be taking advantage of these added SEO benefits … all automatically.

In receiving the content for free, you agree to keep all these links intact … but then, you’d be stupid not to, with the added value they bring to your blog.

(CAUTION: Any misguided publishers who do not leave the links in the content we deliver to them, not only risk immediate suspension from our content distribution network, but actually make that content worth less to them in terms of SEO … basically they’d be shooting themselves in the foot!)

It’s completely free to you quite simply because the cost is borne by ourselves as part of the service we provide to the website owners who produce the content … it’s our job to distribute their content as effectively and to as wide a network of sites, such as blogs, as possible.

So What Does This Content ‘Look Like’?

There are two types of content you’ll receive:

  • Articles that look like normal free reprint articles (like you might find on article directories like, with a resource box at the end giving some information about the author, their site or product, and a link or two to their website. Note this type of content is optional – you can choose to receive only the following type of content if you wish.
  • Articles that look like normal blog posts, that any visitor would read and assume the blog owner had written themselves – so they have no author attribution like a resource box or bio box at the end, but there will be a link or two within the body of the content (just like you would expect in fact with a quality blog post, i.e. linking to other resources useful to the reader). Due to the lack of author attribution, we call these ‘naked articles’ … articles stripped back to the bare bones, just pure quality content. Naked articles will start being sent from mid-November 2010.

As part of your blog settings, you can choose whether to receive both types of articles, or just the ‘naked articles’ (note that choosing the latter may reduce the quantity of articles you receive, but it depends on the niche and, just as with the other settings, you can tweak this as you go along, once you get a feel for the type of content you are delivered).

Won’t Hundreds Of Other Sites Get The Same Content?

Simplest answer – it’s up to you …

While we distribute articles from our users to hundreds of websites, they can be written in such a way that each time an article is sent, it is a different version of the original – this is often referred to as text-spinning technology.

So each article you receive can be a completely unique version of the original article, and be recognized by Google for example as unique content in its own right.

But unlike other content you may have seen generated from text-spinning technology, where the output often looks like nonsensical garbage (not the type of content you’re going to want on your blog), our editorial controls mean that the content you receive will retain the same high-quality as any other content we distribute.

Essentially, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the unique content generated from text-spinning technology, and other content we distribute.

As part of the settings for your blog, you can specify the level of uniqueness you are looking for in the content you receive.

Because not all of our authors write articles in this way (i.e. they don’t all use the text-spinning technology), or use it to a lesser or higher extent, the level of uniqueness varies … but the higher the level of uniqueness you require, generally the less quantity of content you’ll receive.

So you’ll find you need to tweak this over time (which you’ll be able to do easily with our publisher login facility) in order to get the balance right between quantity of content and level of uniqueness.

In brief, the more unique the content is, the higher the value will be to your blog … but generally a mixture of both unique content and content that might be published elsewhere too works well.

I Can’t Wait To Get Started … How Do I Register My Blog?

Once the penny drops and you recognize the full power of this, you’ll be wanting to add as many blogs as possible …

The problem is, the number of blogs using this system is already rising rapidly, and there is a limit to how many blogs can be accepted … once this limit has been reached, you will no longer be able to register for this system.

So it’s important you act quickly, and act now … the first step is to enter your name and main email address below. We’ll then send you further details on how to register your first blog.

Once your first blog is registered, you can set up any number of blogs, and control them all from the same, powerful interface … your first blog can be set up within the next 5 minutes.

So don’t delay … enter your name and main email address below now:

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Privacy: We hate spam as much as you do – your privacy is fully respected.